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Simplifying the RFP Process For Government Fleets

Government fleets are all too familiar with the seemingly endless amount of red tape that needs to be managed before purchasing decisions can be made. In an age where fleet technology is rapidly evolving, having the ability to bypass the RFP process can help local governments quickly adopt cutting-edge technology and reap the benefits.

Avoiding the RFP process is particularly beneficial for smaller agencies that are not as resource-rich as their larger counterparts. Rather than putting technology adoption off for a later date, these fleet management departments now have the luxury of jumping to the front of the line and quickly providing ROI to fleets of all shapes and sizes.

The Impact of Cooperative Agreements on Fleet Technology Purchases

In recent months, the State of Ohio and the State of California, made the move to Geotab through the use of cooperative agreements like NASPO and Sourcewell, opening the door for fleetwide improvement through data. In addition to expediency our contract brings the following perks:

Competitive pricing: Geotab’s pricing includes our top-rated ProPlus package, which comes with the features and functions designed to optimize your fleet’s operations.

Highest standards of cybersecurity: Your data is critical to your operation’s success, and Geotab has established itself as a telematics leader in part by meeting the stringent security requirements set forth by the U.S. Federal Government, meaning you can trust that your data is safe.

Streamlined fleet management tools: optimized routing, driver scorecards, preventive maintenance capabilities, and full operational transparency backed by the real-time data and reporting you to need to make the best decisions for your fleet.

Integrating Technology

Some cities and counties might be just starting out with telematics, while others are likely upgrading their older technologies. Either way, having a platform that can grow with your fleet, and easily integrate with existing tech is a win-win.

The ability to streamline your operations into a single platform can impact your fleet on multiple fronts. An often overlooked aspect of such a move revolves around data. Data is the driving force for fleet decisions, and the more easily you can evaluate the data, the faster you can pivot when needed. Ultimately the statewide contract gives your fleet the opportunity to tap into the kind of data that will transform your individual operation and operations across the state.

OEM integration

Geotab’s platform also offers OEM integration for Ford and GM vehicles. This option utilizes Ford’s or GM’s existing telematics system and provides mixed fleet management on a single platform – no installation required. Manage all vehicle and asset data for both embedded OEM vehicles and GO devices on one easy-to-use platform. This option is available to purchase at a monthly rate.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Unsure of where to start? The good news is that accessing new fleet technology has never been easier for local government fleets. Agencies looking to adopt can simply execute a piggyback contract agreement or issue a Purchase Order that references one of our contract numbers. It really is that simple.

Sounds too good to be true? Argos is committed to keeping the purchasing process as straightforward as possible. We work with government agencies of all shapes and sizes, and understand that each conversation will be different. To learn more, visit our website, connect with our team, and schedule your demo today.

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