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Government Fleet Management
Geotab is the preferred solution of federal, state and local government agencies

Solutions for Government

First Responders

Geotab’s secured and sophisticated fleet management solutions offer the fleet-wide insight needed to transform operations and ensure driver and civilian safety. With Active Tracking, dispatchers can follow emergency vehicles in real-time to ensure that they arrive and depart safely and efficiently.

Winter Operations

Plowing and salting roads/highways is a critical service delivered by local governments and municipalities. Optimizing winter maintenance operations maximize the mobility of the traveling public while minimizing collisions due to winter travel conditions. With real-time reporting on salt usage and winter maintenance activity, roads can be plowed and de-iced as soon as possible.

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Effectively manage the safety of employees and contractors on the road and at the job site with Geotab. Stay connected to fleet operations with real-time tracking and data intelligence. For utility vehicles operating in harsh conditions, the GO RUGGED telematics device is IP67 rated for increased protection from the elements.

Smart City

By combining connected vehicle data with third-party sources and applying machine learning and analytics, data can be transformed into actionable smart city insights. These insights help municipalities understand local transportation patterns, traffic safety and road conditions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and justify investments in digital infrastructure.

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